Unique Barcodes for worldwide use

✓ No Annual Fees or subscriptions
✓ Authentic Barcode Numbers
originating with the UCC (now GS1-US)
✓ Instant Delivery of Barcode Packages
✓ Ready for immediate use on your products
✓ Global retailer compatibility
✓ For use on online platforms and brick & mortar stores
✓ High Resolution Graphics Files included
✓ Certificate of GTIN Assignment

Barcode Savers provides authentic retail barcodes for consumer products.  We offer authentic barcodes that originate with the same numbering system as GS1. Our barcodes can be used globally are accepted by the vast majority of retailers worldwide. Staring in 2012 our company has provided in over 1 million barcodes to more than 10,000 clients.

No Annual Fees or Subscriptions

Our barcodes were first issued by the Uniform Code Council (now GS1-US) and are not subject to annual license fees. This means the barcodes we provide can be used for the life of your product. You don’t need to pay any further fees or annual subscriptions.

GS1 is not present in your country”

GS1 is not present in every country and territory. Countries like Bangladesh, Somalia, Zimbabwe and small territories like the BIOT and others do not have a GS1 office. If you’ve fallen between the cracks of GS1’s coverage we’re here to help fill the gap. Our barcodes can be used globally and don’t require any subscription or complicated sign up forms. You can purchase codes from Barcode Savers no matter where you are located.

Avoid GS1 fees and overpriced re-sellers

Barcode Savers was born to help small business get their products into the supply chain with affordable globally unique barcodes.  GS1, the global membership organisation charges ongoing fees posing challenges for small businesses entering the market. Other barcode re-sellers be just as expensive, especially if your business has many products or variants.  We’re a cost effective alternative to direct GS1 membership, lowering the entry cost for product identification.  Our name means savings, but we don’t compromise on the quality of our barcodes or our standard of customer service.

Our friendly team is available to assist you with your questions and concerns. Barcode Savers also offer specialised bulk & image deals on request, along with other barcode formats such as ITF-14 Carton Codes, QR codes and more. So get in touch with our staff to talk about your barcoding needs.

Our barcode numbers

The barcodes we provide start in the 060 – 089 range as EAN-13 and 60 – 89 as UPC-A format. This indicates they were first issued by the Uniform Code Council (now GS1-US).  Our barcodes are widely used on products worldwide. Our company has sold over 1 million barcodes since 2012.

Part of the RGBN

Barcode Savers is part of the Reitec Global Barcode Network. The RGBN is a a growing network of barcode re-seller websites that is now present in over 20 countries that has sold barcodes to customers in over 30 countries and counting. Some other RGBN sites available are India Barcodes, Barcode Savers Malaysia, Hong Kong, The Philippines. See the full list of storefronts here.

Free Barcode Registration is a free & open product database that holds data such as product, barcode type, brand, category and image attributes. Here you can add your barcode and product data an increase brand visibility. Uploading your data to gtinlookup also helps to prevent unauthorsied use of your barcodes.